Case Study – Grenada and the US E-2 Investor Visa

Mrs. L was a Chinese national living in the US on a student visa with her small child, who was a US citizen. Her husband was in China, having been denied the issuance of his L-1 visa, even after approval of the petition by USCIS. There was no reason for the denial and even the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request turned up nothing. Mr. L could not travel to the US and Mrs. L. was afraid to leave the US, fearing she may not be allowed to return. The family had been separated for over two years. Mr. and Mrs. L engaged us to solve their problem.

Our solution was a several step process.  Mr. and Mrs. L had previously invested in a US company and had a close relationship with the CEO.  Firstly, we helped structure the business so that a subsidiary would be a viable business to serve as the basis for obtaining an E-2 visa.  E-2 visas are only available to citizens of countries that have the correct type of treaty with the US.  China is not one of them.  To help Mr. and Mrs. L qualify he helped them obtain citizenship in Grenada through their Citizenship by Investment program. Then, Mr. and Mrs. L consummated their investment in the US company while we helped prepare their E-2 petition.

We had Mrs. L be the investor, so that her husband would not be the focus of the petition as her dependent. We spent days preparing Mrs. L for every possible interview question and she passed with flying colors.  Mr. L was granted his dependent visa.  After more than two years of separation, the family was together again on US soil.