US Investment-Based Visa Types


Open to everyone. The visa is the Green Card. Minimum investment of $800K (in high unemployment/rural areas) or $1.05 million elsewhere. Must create 10 jobs (per investor). Slow processing time (2 years, more for some countries like China and Vietnam).


A treaty-based investment visa. This is akin to the L1-A, where there must be a sponsor company in the home country that does substantial trade with the US. No US entity is required. However, even if the other qualifications exist, it may be better and easier to form a US subsidiary and pursue either L1-A (which has a path to a Green Card), or an E-2, which is an easier process compared to the L-1A.


A treaty-based investment visa. Investments can be $150K-$500K+. Very fast processing (a few weeks or months). Only available to citizens of countries with the correct type treaty with the US; however, there is a work around with Grenada that allows a citizen of any country to obtain an E-2 (see the Case Study). There is no direct path to a green card, but the investment can be credited against minimum for EB-5. The E-2 can be renewed.


This is technically an intracompany transfer visa for a manager. It is open to everyone who owns or has worked for the 'sponsor' company in their home country. The sponsor company sets up a US subsidiary (or invests in one). It is relatively fast with a few weeks or months' processing time and requires a lower overall investment compared to EB-5. It can lead to a green card. This is the 'best' visa in that it is fastest, cheapest and leads to a green card, but with the most difficult qualification requirement.


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E3iG’s mission is to actualize our clients’ goals of obtaining US visas through investments in their own or third-party US companies. The spirit of all the investor-visa programs is to attract great business people and entrepreneurs so they can pursue their American dream. It is the pursuit of these dreams that has helped America grow to become a great nation. It is our passion to serve as your trusted advisor and guide throughout the entire process.

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