Дек 23, 2016
E3iG Announces the Publication of the 2016-2017 Edition of the EB-5 Book

E3iG CEO Matt Gordon publishes latest editions of the EB-5 Book, the leading legal treatise on the EB-5 immigrant investor program.

E3iG, headquartered in New York, announced today that Chief Executive Officer Matt Gordon has published the latest edition of the EB-5 Book with Co-Editor Sarah Schroeder.

According to Mr. Gordon, “This is an important time for the EB-5 program. Immigration is at the forefront of our Nation’s dialogue and with it my co-editor and I hope that the newest edition of The EB-5 Book will help raise best practices and affect the next generation of EB-5 rules and regulations.”

Mr. Gordon is a frequent lecturer at continuing legal education conferences and other events focused on the legal and public policy aspects of the EB-5 program. Earlier this year, he testified in front of the United States House of Representatives Judiciary Committee as an expert on EB-5 policy at the invitation of Chairman Goodlatte. Mr. Gordon stated, “Academic and policy contributions are a crucial part of being part of the EB-5 community.”

The EB-5 book is published by ILW.com, one of the leading immigration law publishers in the United States. The EB-5 book is available for purchase from ILW at http://www.ilw.com/books/theeb5book.shtm

The EB-5 Book was presented publicly for the first time earlier at an ILW.com immigration conference in Mumbai, India during which the editors made an introduction by video which can be found at the following link: https://youtu.be/YpYRKoMldWY.

According to Sarah Schroeder, one of the founding partners of the immigration law firm, DiRaimondo & Schroeder LLP (http://www.diraimondoschroeder.com), “Working on this edition of The EB-5 book has been a fantastic experience. We have brought together some of the best legal minds, both in immigration and in related fields, to offer a tremendous amount of new content on the state of the current law and guidance as to how the law may change.”

The EB-5 Book will be formally launched in the US at an ILW.com immigration seminar in New York City on December 16. For additional information on this seminar, please see http://www.ilw.com.

About E3iG

E3 Investment group is the leader in structuring direct EB-5 investments that are designed to encourage international investment in the United States. E3iG’s businesses are structured using its proprietary Scalable-Direct® business model that allows investors to participate in opportunities that do not require the time and expense of regional center sponsorship, while affording them the benefits of being part of larger opportunities, including having the companies that receive their investment capital managed by a team of industry professionals.

E3iG’s mission is the harmonious synthesis of social and economic value creation. Our three mandates-“The three E’s” are: Employment – to create well paying, long term jobs; The Environment – to conduct our operations in a manner that minimizes our impact on the industries in which we focus; and Earnings – so we can ultimately do well for our investors and ourselves and do good for the communities in which we operate.

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