Oct 22, 2013
Indianapolis Mayor Welcomes E3 Investment Group to the City

E3 Investment Group, headquartered in New York, announced today that it received a letter from Gregory A. Ballard, the Mayor of Indianapolis, welcoming E3 Investment group to the Indianapolis business community. According to the letter, the Mayor wrote, “I would like to personally welcome E3 Investment Group . . . . Your investment is a great addition to our ever-expanding community.”

According to Matt Gordon, Managing Director of E3 Investment Group, “We look forward to being a growing part of Indianapolis. The Mayor and his team have been exceptional in their support and assistance of our mission to bring well-paying permanent jobs in the transportation sector to the city.”

E3 Investment Group’s Scalable-Direct™ model may be the first of its kind to allow foreign nationals who invest their capital as part of the United States government’s EB-5 immigrant investor visa program to receive the benefits of an enterprise class organization, while each remaining independent from all other investors by being the only investor in its entity. This is designed to allow the investors to receive permanent residency in the United States, while using their capital to create jobs in high unemployment areas for US citizens and permanent residents.

For a short video on how Scalable-Direct™ works, see http://www.e3investmentgroup.com/scalable-direct

To see a copy of the letter from Mayor Ballard, seehttp://e3investmentgroup.com/indinapolis-welcome-letter.php

See the following link for a comparison between Scalable-Direct™ and the typical EB-5 Investment structures: http://e3investmentgroup.com/direct-vs-regional-center-based-investments

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