Nov 13, 2014
Impact Investing in Inner Cities: Putting Foreign Capital to Work Through EB-5 at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government

E3 Investment Group, headquartered in New York, announced today Chief Executive Officer Matt Gordon will be a featured speaker at an EB-5 policy conference organized by The Initiative for a Competitive Inner City ( entitled Impact Investing in Inner Cities: Putting Foreign Capital to Work Through EB-5. The conference will be located at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government in Boston on July 1, 2014.

ICIC organized the conference to bring together leading EB-5 industry experts and thought leaders to explore how to better use the EB-5 program to create jobs and revitalize inner city infrastructure. According to Mr. Gordon, “We are greatly honored to have been asked to help participate in an important policy forum based on our expertise and reputation of being at the forefront of EB-5 innovation. Our Scalable-Direct® business model lends itself naturally to creating the kind of operating companies that produce well-paying long-term jobs in inner cities, a clear win for the EB-5 program policy goals.”

According to Kim Zeuli, Senior Vice President of ICIC, “We have been conferring with Mr. Gordon for the last several months to better understand the potential utilization of the EB-5 program. We look forward to his participation at the conference and the opportunity to highlight E3 Investment Group’s transportation and logistics related investment offering an example of an innovative application of EB-5 in the inner city. Our conference will bring together experts and economic development professionals to advance the state of EB-5 policy for the betterment of inner city investment and development.”

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About E3 Investment Group
E3 Investment Group is a 21st century private equity firm whose operating philosophy is the harmonious synthesis of social and economic value creation. E3’s focus is creating opportunities that allow immigrant investors to qualify under the US Government EB-5 program while satisfying the core three mandates-“The three E’s”: Employment – to create well paying, long term jobs. The Environment – to conduct our operations in a manner that minimizes our impact on the industries in which we focus. Earnings – so we can ultimately repay our investors, do well for ourselves and do good for the communities in which we operate.

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