Sep 30, 2013
E3 Investment Group Leases Operational Location

E3 Investment Group, headquartered in New York, announced today that it leased its first facility in support of its E3 Cargo Trucking subsidiary. “This is a major step forward,” said Matt Gordon, Managing Director of E3 Investment Group. “We have gone from concept to execution and continue along the path of making our Scalable-Direct™ business model a major force within the EB-5 arena.”

The operational location is within the 1400 block of South West Street, Indianapolis, IN, which is a nexus of logistics and transportation activity. This location is in Center Township or Marion County and is designated as a targeted employment area, or TEA, by the Indiana Economic Development Corporation, the state entity responsible for making TEA designations. In order to qualify as a TEA under US immigration law and regulations, a recognized geographical area must have a population of over 20,000 and more than 150% of the national unemployment rate. The Center Township area of Marion County has a population of over 169,000 and nearly 200% of the national unemployment rate.

Mr. Gordon continued, “This is what the EB-5 program is all about: creating jobs- actual jobs- in the areas and for the people that need them the most. We are proud to be doing our part in helping revitalize the great city of Indianapolis.”

E3 Investment Group’s Scalable-Direct™ model may be the first of its kind to allow foreign nationals who invest their capital as part of the United States government’s EB-5 immigrant investor visa program to receive the benefits of an enterprise class organization, while each remaining independent from all other investors by being the only investor in its entity. This is designed to allow the investors to receive permanent residency in the United States, while using their capital to create jobs in high unemployment areas for US citizens and permanent residents.

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