Nov 26, 2013
E3 Investment Group Embarks on First Asian Roadshow and has Secured Second Scalable-Direct™ Investor

E3 Investment Group, headquartered in New York, announced today that it will visit Vietnam, South Korea and China on its first roadshow to Asia in early December. The roadshow will allow prospective investors to learn about the advantages of E3’s Scalable-Direct™ business model and how it compares to investments typically offered by regional center sponsors. These advantages include: significantly faster government processing time, superior targeted investment returns and lower immigration status risk.

According to Matt Gordon, Managing Director of E3 Investment Group, “This roadshow provides us with a fantastic opportunity to interact in-person with our potential investors in their home countries. We entered the EB-5 arena to bridge the gap in quality between what we saw the established sponsors offering and what investors were demanding. The more they learn about us, the stronger the response.”

E3 Investment Group will be joined by Expert Admissions, one of the leading college and secondary school advisory firms in the US. According to Matt Gordon, “Many of our prospective investors have children for whom they, like all parents, want the best possible education. In engaging with our investors, we wanted to go beyond the typical EB-5 sponsor and bring and make available the resources and relationships to help them achieve all of their goals, beyond the pathway to immigration that we provide them. In our search for an educational resource partner, we found Expert Admissions to be the best. Like us, they are completely focused on helping their clients achieve their goals.”

According to Bari Norman, Ph.D., President of Expert Admissions, “It has become increasingly difficult for students to be admitted to the best schools, and international applicants face additional hurdles in not only identifying the schools that are the best fits for them, but also in distinguishing themselves amidst a growing international pool. We work with international students and their families so that they may make the best possible educational decisions with an eye toward admission to US colleges and universities. We are thankful to E3 Investment Group for the opportunity to engage deeply in a region that traditionally has not had access to the needed counselors whose only goal is to help actualize both the student’s and his or her family’s goals. We look forward to a long collaborative relationship with them.”

E3 Investment Group has also announced that it has secured its second investor in its Scalable-Direct business model™. The investor is a Vietnamese national who owns a successful technology company. According to Mr. Gordon, “The US policy goal of the EB-5 program is to create ten job per investors. We believe that by offering a superior EB-5 product, we will be able to attract many of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs. By welcoming successful businessmen and women into our country, there is no doubt that their creative energies and capital will lead to domestic US job creation and growth many times beyond the mandates set forth by Congress. The EB-5 program should be the crown jewel of US immigration policy and, with investors like this, it will be.”

E3 Investment Group’s Scalable-Direct™ model may be the first of its kind to allow foreign nationals who invest their capital as part of the US government’s EB-5 immigrant investor visa program to receive the benefits of an enterprise class organization, while each remaining independent from all other investors by being the only investor in its entity. This is designed to allow the investors to receive permanent residency in the United States, while using their capital to create jobs in high unemployment areas for US citizens and permanent residents.

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